RFID (Radio  Frequency Identificationis a significant technology used in IoT (Internet oThings) world. IoT is a network of connected devices, facilities and objects equipped with sensors for collecting and sending data, mostly over the Internet, for further usage.


Once established system connecting desired devices becomes independent of human management. Collected data is stored and can be analised and used for various purposes.


RFID is a system of remote connection via radio waves. There are at least two units – receivers. One unit (Tag) is usually smaller and can be integrated or fixed to the connecting object or a person while the other (Reader) is fixed and communicares with the Tag. By connecting to a computer or an information system such collected data is sent for further analysis.

Current technologies differentiate RFID systems with active and passive tags. Passive Tag system uses power supply from a reader whereas the active Tag system uses its own battery. The passive Tag is smaller in size and can be placed anywhere or to any product. It is made in the form of labels, cards or casings and installed in movabless. It has a relatively small range but a virtually unlimited shelf life.

The passive Tag system uses  three frequncies:

  • 25 – 134 KHz – Low Frequency (LF), range 1 – 10cm
  • 56 MHz –High Frequency (HF), range 1 – 100cm
  • 865 – 960 MHz –Ultra High Frequency (UHF), range up to 30m

The active Tag system allows communication over a greater range, it has a bigger memory and dimensions. It is also more expensive and its shell life depends on a battery life. It uses the frequencies of  433 MHz or 915 MHz.

RFID technology is applicable in almost all spheres of life thanks to its simplicity, reliability and profitability.

Panos inženjering, in cooperation with Kathrein, offers a complete solution for RFID technology implementation in the areas of :


Distribution centers



Vehicle monitoring


Entry points



Goods monitoring


Retail units

Industry automation




Iot (Industrial Internet of Things)

Iot (Industrial Internet of Things)

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Kathrein Solutions Iot portfolio

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Kathrein RFID Products

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