Panos inženjering team make experienced staff and expert engineers and we all contribute to wide range of company activities. Apart from representing some of the biggest world brands (Kathrein, Rosenberger, Telegärtner, Eupen, Siklu, Hengtong, Anritsu…) on the territory of Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, Panos inženjering provides service and testing of measuring equipment for building, monitoring and maintaining telecommunication systems, provides technical support, services of integration, verification and optimization of mobile phone sites, repeater installation, PIM measuring. As an authorized representative of Siklu, Panos inženjering is also installing microwave links. In addition, this company provides following services to its customers – delivery of the equipment of leading world manufacturer of radio-communications equipment, as well as installation, testing and putting into operation of this equipment, issuing the record as well as creating as-built design.

For the purposes of its business partners and third parties, Panos performs engineering and consulting services for development of conditions study, the study of communication needs and accuracy studies. Keeping pace with the latest technical developments in the field of telecommunication technology, Panos offers its customers custom and specialized courses with local or foreign coaches, by working on the current issues in the field of telecommunications, as well as topics related to the individual needs and interests of clients.

For the purpose of future systems accurate evaluation, or in order to improve existing system, Panos engineering uses up to date equipment to performed field measurements services, and in addition issues report with results and opinions. It provides integration services, verification and optimization of mobile telephony base stations antenna systems, which include: measuring and correction the azimuth and antenna tilt, visual checkup of cabling from the BTS to the antenna, validation of the radio parameters and the development of photo-documentation followed by the necessary reports.